The After Life

VOICE014 (1) In class we have been learning what happens after you die this will give you a bit of information about what happens.

Reasons why we did this project is to inform us about what we believe when you die and to learn about the coultures different beliefes about what happens when they die

By Oliver Jaye Luke and Maxie.

what we have been learning

THE SHADOW in the shadow we have been learning that he cant be seen and he was an early superhero like batman and superman he would help people and solve the mysteries like a superhero would.

MY PLACE in my place we have been learning about Symbolism  and how we lived different in the olden days compared to how we live now and we look at the key things that happen in the episode and in the end they all add up to some key ideas.

4 WAY HOCKEY in sport we have been learning to play soccer with Mr bailey for two weeks and then we had Mr Linzi and we played 4 way hockey which was fun and my team came 3rd and it was very fun and it was very competitive.


My cross country run.

The whistle was blown, Oliver sprinted through the group with a determined face; it was like he had a trick up his sleeve. hoping his lungs wouldn’t burst before the final stretch he tried to slow down but he new he wouldn’t fore fill his dream what shall I do now?do I stop or keep going…

story starters

story starter for spelling so we have to come up with a sentence to try make the reader want to read more.


ALONE  The scared dog was all ALONE looking at the night sky.

BOAT  The BOAT sailed into the sunlight hoping to see land. 

CLOAK The man wore a mysterious CLOAK to the unknown alley way.

TOE My friend had to go to the doctor because he had a sore TOE.

HOLE My friend made a hole hoping to be treasure but he didn’t give up what happened next.